Monday 2 April 2007

3. The Amazing Adventures of Kavalier and Clay

I just started this book yesterday on the train back to K. after finishing The Carpathians on Saturday.

I ended up quite enjoying The Carpathians - there's a really great/ultra-horrifying scene near the end when letters and punctuation marks start raining from the sky and everyone save the narrator loses the ability to either articulate or understand language because of it. Crazy!!!

So, I started the Chabon book yesterday and am now at page 160. It's a dead good page-turner and compelling yarn. And man, there just aren't enough good yarns out there. It's 600+ pages long so I suppose I might become less enamored of it than I am now. But right now I'm thinking I'm going to make a point of reading all Michael Chabon's stuff. Except maybe for Summerland which is apparently about baseball (yawn!).

Anyway, Kavalier and Clay is about two "boy geniuses" in 1939 NY City who are trying to break into the burgeoning comic book industry. I thought that because I haven't read many comic books I wouldn't get into this one, but it doesn't seem to matter in terms of readability, etc.

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