Sunday 13 May 2007

10. The Good Fairies of New York

Brook ordered me this book from Amazon for Valentine's Day and by May 2 he finally received an email from them saying they couldn't find it. So, he went to Book City and there was one on the shelf just waiting for him. (Brook read about this book in either Now or Eye magazines and thought I would be interested.)

I'm about 100 pages in and while it's a very easy read, it's not a very satisfying one. The idea of drunken, drugged out Scottish fairies descending upon New York (fleeing as they are from various dangers and ignominies back home) to help people is attractive to me in its silliness - but Martin Millar's writing style is irritating. This is an adult's book, apparently, but it reads like its written for 12 year olds, and maybe not the smartest 12 year olds. I suspect that like Neil Gaiman, Millar is an idea man - but his ideas and his writing are both notably inferior to Gaiman's.

Anyway, it's only about 230 pages so it'll soon be on to the next one. And maybe it'll get better.

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