Friday 25 April 2008

Bookstore rage

Today I wasn't feeling extremely social and so during my lunch hour I went across the street to the Indigo to sit in one of their many, many comfy chairs and read my book. (Life, the Universe and Everything is my current laugh-inducing read. Thank goodness (and badness) for Douglas Adams.)

I was sitting comfortably in a chair reading and enjoying my book, next to many other people sitting in chairs enjoying their books, when this guy walked by and slammed a large book down in the empty chair next to me. He kept going and I kept reading. 10 minutes later, a woman came by, asked me if anyone was sitting there so I told her about the guy putting the book there but that I hadn't seen him in awhile. Not unreasonably, she moved the book and prepared to sit down.

Just as she was sitting, the book-slamming absentee guy returned and started screaming his bloody head off at her for stealing "his" seat (okay, his head wasn't bloody, but his face did get red very quickly). "Wha....?" I thought to myself as she tried to explain that she didn't think anyone was sitting there, as he drowned out her explanations with his big scary voice. I decided it was time for my exit and offered my seat to either of them but he would not be placated and she was just kind of scared by then and went elsewhere.

I thought this kind of crazy behaviour was reserved for aggressive drivers on highways and such - what's it doing in a bookstore? Bookstores should be all about the love, man. I should have asked that crazy guy if he needed a hug and then asked someone next to me if they'd be willing to deliver said hug.

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