Thursday 31 July 2008

The Reading Lamp: of libraries and miraculous moon forests

Skye's favourite childhood book sounds like something that 1) I'd like to read now and 2) I would have loved when I was a kid too. Like Skye, I can't remember the name of one of my favourite childhood books, but I can remember details which, when spoken aloud, sound a little bit insane.

When I was in elementary school and relying on the tiny one-room library it housed, I repeatedly read a picture book which told the story of a bad girl whose badness gets her killed - her badness, you see, manifests primarily through her hanging upside down from tree branches and showing everyone her knickers.

One day, she foolishly tries this stunt over a well and falls in. Her ghost ends up possessing the town's best behaved girl, who suddenly begins hanging from branches herself. Someone finally realizes what's happening and cuts a hole in the good girl's toe, which releases the ghost and restores social order. I told you it sounded crazy.

Your name:

What are you reading now? 26a by Diana Evans

Where are you reading it? Usually on my bed. Sometimes in front of the computer. Sometimes on the sofa or outside. (In Slovenia!)

How did you discover this book? I bought it in a bookstore. I chose it because of the summary and the colourful photo on the cover. I’m a “visual” person.

What do you think of it so far? I’m pleasantly surprised.

Favourite childhood book? It’s difficult to say. I mostly liked stories which featured an animal as the main character. There was this book about a lonely fox, which finally found a friend in the miraculous Moon forest. Of all the books we had at home it was my favourite.

Do you buy books or borrow them from the library? Either way, what is your favourite place to get books and why? The local library has always been my favourite place. Despite all the renovations it’s seen in the last couple of years I still feel at home there. However, if I want something more specific I have to look elsewhere for it, because the local library is not very big.

How do you decide what to read next? I usually decide “spontaneously”. If I have enough time and the library is open I go there and browse through the shelves to see if I can recognize a name or a title. Sometimes I pick up a book which has an interesting title and then read the text on the cover or if there isn’t any I just open the book somewhere in the middle and read a page to see if I like it.

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