Monday 16 August 2010

The Sarazens head without New-gate: a brief note on why I won't be posting for awhile, or, abandoning my dignity for a moment

Well, friends, we have succumbed, not to the poor economy because we've been doing mostly fine financially, but to irreconcilable differences with our landlord. My bookstore will be closing at the end of September. Now, I am faced with the daunting task of getting rid of at least 14,000 books.

I promise never to do this again, but I just today realized what it means to move 14,000+ books in approximately 5 weeks and am freaking out a little, and so I'm going to shamelessly whore my bookstore to you while it still exists. If you buy books online from me at my shop's website. (Be sure to click the button that says "search only our books" or you'll get everything in the world in Biblio) I will not only love you forever, but I will also give you a discount!

This would come in the form of a partial refund after the fact. 30% off for 1-2 books, 40% off for 3-5 books, and 50% off for 6+ books (before shipping). Or, you can email me (and use paypal) or order stuff over the phone with a credit card. I have a service that mails books to the US from the US side of the border so we can take advantage of the US's incredibly civilized "media mail" and "first class" mail costs. :)

Or, if you happen to live in Toronto, come by and you'll see what kind of crazy sale is going on here.

I imagine my next regular blog post will be no earlier than the end of September. I'll miss you till then. :(



J.G. said...

Aw, sorry to hear this, but hope it turns out to be a change for the better for you. Meanwhile, C.S. and I will be trolling your site to fill the gaps in our collections. What a lovely, tempting offer of discounts!

Celine said...

Damn, girl! Are you starting up elsewhere or trying something new?

Unknown said...

That's no good :(

So, are you heading back to academia, or does that mean retirement at the grand old age of 35?!

Y S Lee said...

Nooooooooooo! Colleen, I'm absolutely gutted to hear this. Heartbreaking AND enraging. Sending you virtual hugs and vegan cupcakes.

nicole said...

Oh dear, what awful news! Will certainly "browse the shelves" when I have some time and try to, ahem, help you out. I really hope the next phase in your life is a good one!

Trapunto said...

I used to sell books on the internet (in a very small way) I remember the flocks of discount used book vultures--all elbows and hisses--at the estate and library sales, which is one of the reasons I quit doing it!

I imagine you are beset by these creatures. I just hope they buy up your stock like crazy. Carry a big stick in case they get overexcited, okay?

Heidenkind said...

Aw. :( I hope you can open another bookstore soon!

Anonymous said...

I'm sorry to hear about your store...will you be trying again elsewhere? Wishing you luck and hope you get to clear your stock in a timely way.

Stefanie said...

Stupid landlord. I hope the selling and pack is going as well as it can (minus the burglary). Will you open a shop somewhere else?

Bookphilia said...

Hey, sorry for the mass responses - too tired for anything else.

Will we be moving the store to another locale? No, we can't afford it. When we thought the rent here was too good to be true, it turned out that we were right.

Will I return to the academy? Couldn't do so even if I wanted to, which I don't think I would. There are literally almost no jobs in my field out there anymore, and I haven't published recently, and I didn't do my degree at an Ivy League. So I'm a zero in that game, what's left of it.

What's next? Not sure, but I've decided to be excited to find out. After at least a month of sleep though.