Tuesday 8 March 2011

Sorry, sorry!

Friends, just a quick note to say "hi"; also, I'm sorry for not blogging lately. I've got 4 books waiting anxiously for me to sit down and write about them but I've just been too busy. I've been distracted by good things (working out every day, cooking A LOT of delicious things, spending time with friends) and not so good things (very sick bunny who requires daily medication and sub-cutaneous fluids and A LOT of cleaning up after him, my sleeping patterns are really messed up, I'm not reading as much as usual because working out makes me stupid (I'm depending on this changing when I get used to it again, which had better be soon, dammit)).

I hope I'll shortly be able to sit down with Trollope's The American Senator, or Irene Nemirovsky's The Courilof Affair, or Hwang Sok-Yong's The Guest, or T. Colin Campbell's The China Study and write a real, honest to goodness review...but I'm making no promises. All this busy-ness doesn't look like it'll be letting up anytime soon.


The above fore-mentioned. said...

Good luck! We will be around when you get time to come back to us. Hoe your little sick one is okay.

Heidenkind said...

Aw, poor bunny.

Anonymous said...

I hope your bunny gets better soon. On the other hand, I'm impressed with the gymming:)

raych said...

Firstly and seriously, my condolences on your sick bunny. Secondly, do you not feel a bit silly when people ask where you've been and you have to tell them, Caring for a sick bunny? Dogs and cats people understand. But bunnies.

I also am impressed by the gymming. I have a run with a friend scheduled today and I am staring bleakly out the window at the rain.

J.G. said...

Wait, you've been having a life instead of blogging? What's up with that???

Seriously, though. I'm sorry about the bunny and will send some good thoughts your way. How sweet of you to take such good care. Poor little bun.

apostrophe*liberation*front said...

Oh thank goodness! I was worried you might have retired. :P
Sorry about your bunny-travails. Is it kidney failure? Sounds like what I went thru with Silvius, the JerkFace Cat.
Good luck!