Thursday 31 July 2008

Hey, I thought I was the president of Zombies Land?!?!

Today on, I found an AWESOME video entitled Zombie Haiku. You can view it here:

I'm re-posting this great video because seeing it reminded me that I totally forgot my cool original plans for my post on World War Z; I guess I got distracted by all those other books and the bookstore closure.

My friend V. taught ESL in Japan for a couple of years and she came up with a great essay topic for her friend K.'s 3rd-year junior high class: "If I had one million zombies." She sent a fine selection of these stories back to those of us languishing in Canada and they were so good that I had her dig them out of the vault so I could post them with World War Z...and then, of course, forgot like the Silly Person that I am. Late and lamely presented, here they are. Their quality, however, speaks volumes that I cannot. (BRAAAAINSSSS!)

I kill zombies with a gun. I kill zombies with a rifle. I kill zombies with a machine gun. I don't like zombies. Because zombies eat a human being. It is unpleasant. I go to their grave. Because there I will throw zombies. And I will return home. I will go to bed. Because I am very tired.

I play with zombies. I play a band with zombies. I play a rock band with 1,000,000 zombies. The name of band is "Zombies x 1,000,000 Plus A Human Being." We become famous person. We do live. We songs one hundred a tune in live [concert]. We become attractive existence for guests. Some of guest be moved to tears. When live of us finish, my 1,000,000 zombies went on a journey with Kaori's zombies and Kanane's zombies. I follow zombies at once.

I hire 1,000,000 zombies. And zombies serve me as my secretary. I surprise everyone (use zombies). 999 zombies build a very big house!! Left zombies earn 100,000 yen every day. Zombies work a haunted house. It's Kobe's large place. The place is famous. So guest is very very money. The cost is 100,000 yen. It is zombies' earn money. Attraction are souvenir shop and a haunted house. I'm the president of "Zombies Land." So my secretary (zombie) Jiji [familiar-bordering-on-impertinent name for an old man] do management. For example, Jiji pour coffee for me.


Jonathan Maberry said...

Thanks for letting me know about Zombie that's damn funny!

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Bookphilia said...

You're welcome. I'd like to say this is my job, but in fact my blog doesn't pay me. :)