Sunday 17 August 2008

I see a voice!

My seester gave me this book (as well as the book I'm currently reading, Lamb) for my birthday. Given my track record with gifted books, I figured I'd better dive right in with In Search of a Distant Voice before I looked up and found that years had gone by and I still hadn't read it (which has happened with a number of books that now glare resentfully at me when I walk by their shelves). I'm going to try to get to those neglected gift books once I'm done the 2008 birthday books.

Anyway, about Taichi Yamada's In Search of a Distant Voice. I discovered this while browsing somewhere and decided to put it on my wish list based on nothing other than the fact that David Mitchell praises another book of Yamada's (which I've yet to see anywhere in Canada).

I read this almost in one sitting and quite enjoyed it. It may either be a ghost story or the protagonist (Tsuneo) may be hallucinating in fantastic and mysterious ways - what exactly is going on is never revealed. Indeed, that's not the point. The point is what Tsuneo's conversations with the distant voice reveal about his complicated and painful relationship with the rest of the world and with his own past.

Good stuff, this - but heavy, so it's a good thing my sis got me a funny book as well, to act as an antidote. My first post on the infamous Christopher Moore is coming up soon, as is a fantastic new Reading Lamp interview.

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